When you register with Xcel-Online Surveys, you are entered in a monthly lucky draw worth Rs. 25,000. There are more rewards to be won like watches, I-pods, Mobile Phones etc. Draws for this happen weekly and fortnightly.

  So, register with us soon and keep referring your friends and colleagues to us.  


We do understand that your time is precious, but your views are important to us. We therefore reward you for taking the time to provide your opinions across issues you experience and on products you use.

  For filling up your profilers, you receive the following reward points:  
Profiler   Reward Points
Employment   35
Household Technology   35
Leisure & Entertainment   25
Personal Finance   20
Information Technology   40
Automotive   40
Health   20
Currently, our team is setting up the profiler surveys in addition to the basic profiler which is currently available at your account page once you log on to www.xcel-onlinesurveys.com using your username & password. Once these profiler surveys are completed, we will start sending you other surveys based on the profiler surveys which you have already completed with us. So, more profiler surveys you fill more will be the chances of you qualifying for other surveys. We expect to notify you through e-mail on filling up the initial profiler survey in about 2 weeks from your registration.
As a member of Xcel-Online Surveys you will be invited to participate in various surveys based on the profilers you fill with us. For each survey you complete, you will receive reward points, which will be credited to your Xcel-Online Surveys account. The points for these surveys will vary based on the length of the survey, or the depth of details asked in the survey and other related attributes. So, for filling up the surveys, your earnings might vary from 5 to 100 points.

Once you have accumulated a minimum number of points, you can redeem the same. Currently, you can redeem points at the following levels:

  • 325 points
  • 500 points
  • 750 points
  • 1000 points
Notification/Delivery of Rewards:
Xcel-Online Surveys members who win a prize are notified by an SMS on the mobile number and an email (on the mobile number and email id provided by the members during the registration process). Members are themselves responsible for making sure that their contact details/profile information is always correct and up-to-date on the website (all the personal information can be updated on your account home page under the head - 'Update personal details' at any time). 

The winner should contact us within 2 (two) weeks of e-mail notification and prove his/her identity by acknowledging and replying to the email sent by Xcel-Online Surveys Team. Failing which, the said declared winner will automatically become ‘ineligible’ for that reward. In such a scenario, second winner of the prize draw will become eligible for the reward. 
Prizes that are returned to Xcel-Online Surveys as ‘undeliverable’ will be treated as ‘null and void’ and the prize will be awarded to the next selected winner from the draw of lots. 

Xcel-Online Surveys will be regularly updated to bear the names of the winners on the ‘Winners’ page where all the panel members can also check for the winner details. 

However in case a member wants to contact the winner, they must contact us and we will send an email to the winner on the member’s behalf. For any further communication between the two members, it will be sole discretion of the winner member whether he/she wants to reply to the other member or not.

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