How do I invite my family and friends to join the panel?  

Just log on to your account and go to the 'Invite Friends' section, then follow the steps. For all panelists who refer a friend and their friend registers and take his/her first paid survey - they get reward points. For every referred member who joins the panel, the person referring will get 10 reward points each.


Where can I see the balance of and redeem the reward points I have earned?


You can see the details like the number of surveys you have taken till date, the reward points you have earned, how many points you have redeemed until now and what is the balance, after clicking on the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section.

To redeem the points you have earned, you will need to go to REDEMPTION CENTER section on your homepage. You can redeem a minimum of 325 points. No redemptions can happen for lesser points.

The mode of payment for these redeemed points will be cheque and TDS will be deducted as per Government of India rules. TDS certificate will be issued to the concerned party.

  Who is eligible to join Xcel-Online Surveys?  

This panel is open to any legal resident of the India who is 13 years and older at the time of registration. If you are above 13 years but below 18 years, points / prize money will go to your parent/guardian

  What should I do if I have technical problems when accessing or completing a survey?  

We try to make our surveys compatible with all Web browsers, but sometimes problems occur. If you have any technical troubles while accessing or completing a survey, please email us 

I do not seem to be receiving many surveys, why is this?
There are a couple of reasons why this might be happening:
a) You could log into Xcel-Online Surveys website using your Xcel-Online Survey username and password, go to 'Update personal details' under EDIT MY ACCOUNT section and make sure that your email address is listed correctly. If it is not, then you will not receive the invitations we are sending.
b) If you elected not to answer the questions relating to personal and household income in the Registration Survey, this will reduce the number of surveys you are invited to participate in, simply because for many surveys this is vital information. If you would like to check/change these answers, please log in to the Xcel-Online Surveys website and go to the 'MEMBERS PROFILE' section.
c) If you elected to not complete the Profiler Surveys, this will also reduce the number of surveys you are invited to, simply because we have more information on the people who have completed this survey and they will therefore be invited to surveys more often. To access the Basic Profiler, log-on to your account and click on ‘Edit Profile’. 

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